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 How to remove pimples

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PostSubject: How to remove pimples   Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:13 pm

There is one effective way I have found that can remove pimples from your face. Buy a packet of tea leaves that is mixed with Ginger. Take this early in the morning everyday probably when you're coming from the toilet, and your planning to sleep again. Or drink tea without sugar or milk. You should chew a teaspoon of the tea for 3 minutes before you swallow, and after you have formed a significant amount of saliva on your mouth.... I would not recommend that you swallow it with water because you need to chew it first before you can swallow it. You should also use some form of cleanser on your face later when you wake up. I am also beginning to believe that the mixture can be applied on your face as an alternative to a cleanser.

Points to consider when you want to remove pimples:

1. Avoid eating meat all the time
2. Don't take too much proteins like meat, milk and eggs.
3. Drink enough water every day
4. Don't apply glycerine

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How to remove pimples
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