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This is a research forum that analyzes different research papers that talk about herbal medicine and how to cure different problems.
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 Research papers on Copper and findings

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PostSubject: Research papers on Copper and findings   Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:21 am

Recent research on the BBC has shown that copper metal can be used for purifying water. It is also used in hospital doors on locks for killing germs when people touch the locks. Studies have shown that copper kills germs by puncturing the cell membranes of viruses and bacteria. This makes it the number one killer of germs and viruses in the world. Antibiotics have received great resistance from germs and viruses, but that does not happen with copper because it punctures the cell membranes of germs, which drains the contents of the cells, and kills the DNA of the bacteria. You should put copper on your water to purify the water like what the ancient Romans used to do by putting copper coins in the water, and drinking it after a certain amount of time.

The herbal way is to stay away from chemicals, and to ensure that your body remains natural as possible.

Points to determine that you are using copper:

1. Check some pictures of copper online
2. Make sure it is not coated
3. Get a large amount of it like a container

Note: You don't want to be purifying water all the time, and so, you should find a large container like the one on the diagram.

Author Kelvin


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Research papers on Copper and findings
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