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This is a research forum that analyzes different research papers that talk about herbal medicine and how to cure different problems.
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 Mwarubaini Tree

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PostSubject: Mwarubaini Tree   Wed May 06, 2015 11:54 am

Mwarubaini Tree is a known herbal tree that is used in East Africa to cure 40 different kinds of diseases. There are stories of people who have used Mwarubaini to cure cancer, STDs, Malaria, Typhoid and many othertypes of diseases. Today, we are going to describe the dosage of Mwarubaini on different health conditions and how to cure them.

Please don't confuse Mwarubaini tree for Chinaberry Neem. Both trees look similar but Chinaberry Neem is toxic and doesn't taste anything when you taste it. While Mwarubaini on the other hand is very bitter, its leaves are glossier, and the leaves are narrow.

Neem tree can be used for Birth control – The oil from Neem seeds or fruits can be poured into a woman's virgina to prevent pregnancy. This can be a very effective method for birth control, but should only be taken on a regular basis. If one stops using the oil, fertility is re established. But don't take the medicine when pregnant because it induces abortion. In the traditional preparation of the medicine, the whole plant cannot be used because some parts can be very toxic.

Neem Oil – Is the oil that comes from the Neem seeds that is extracted by pressing the seeds. However, you can still make some oil by drying the leaves and putting the ordinary oil at home like coconut, olive, and sunflower oil. The oil should be filtered after 2 weeks of mixing with the regular oil. It smells good when ready and is very effective for the skin and birth control by pouring the drops in the cavity of a Woman.
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Mwarubaini Tree
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